Crispy Buffalo Wontons


Crispy Buffalo Wontons by

Hi guys! I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks, however behind the scenes I have been playing around with different recipes trying to perfect them so I can share with you all. The recipe I’m bringing to you today is a copycat version of Cheesecake Factory’s Buffalo Blasts.


Crispy Buffalo Wontons by
These are really pretty simple to make. You are going to take wonton wrappers, fill them with a chicken, cheese, and buffalo sauce mixture. Next you brush these babies with egg, dip them in flour and spices. Lastly you deep fry them. That’s it.


Crispy Buffalo Wontons by

The biggest obstacle I ran into was making sure not to overstuff the wontons with the chicken, since they are really pretty small. Also, you’ll need to have a delicate hand while you are pressing the edges of the wonton wrappers together, since they are so thin and easy to tear.

This recipe is a great appetizer or game day snack. I served these with a mixture of buffalo sauce and blue cheese, which was awesome.

Crispy Buffalo Wontons by

Though these are freaking delicious, I had to force myself to only eat a few. 🙁

Crispy Buffalo Wontons
Recipe type: Appetizer
Serves: 18-20 wontons
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 18-20 wonton wrappers
  • 1 cup of shredded chicken, seasoned to taste
  • ½ cup of Mexican blend shredded cheese
  • ½ cup of Buffalo wing sauce
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1 cup of flour
  • ½ teaspoon of paprika
  • ½ teaspoon of cayenne
  • ½ teaspoon Cajun seasoning
  • vegetable oil, for frying
  1. In a bowl mix shredded chicken, cheese, and buffalo sauce.
  2. Lay wontons on a flat surface and place about a tablespoon of the chicken mixture in the middle of each wrapper.
  3. Dip your finger in water and moisten the edges of each wonton.
  4. Fold one edge of the wrapper down, and press edges together to seal.
  5. Mix flour with seasonings in a shallow dish.
  6. Brush wontons with egg on both sides, then dip into the flour. Make sure to coat both sides well with the flour.
  7. In a deep pan or fryer, heat oil to 350F.
  8. Fry wontons in batches for about 1-3 minutes until they are golden brown.
  9. Drain wontons on paper towels.
  10. Serve hot with a side of blue cheese or buffalo sauce.
Make sure oil is hot enough before putting wontons in. These cook very fast, do not walk away from stove.

Give this simple recipe for Crispy Buffalo Wontons a try, and please give me a shout if you do.

P.S. This year is really flying by, it’s already my 6 month blogiversary! If you’re reading this or keeping up with my blog I appreciate you!