Double Chocolate Chip Cookies


Double Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe by PinchMeTwice.comMoist, chewy, decadent Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. You might want to grab a tall glass of milk when you make these because they are very, very rich.

I am a HUGE cookie fanatic, but since I’ve been trying to shed a few pounds lately I have done my best to avoid making them. This isn’t easy when you truly have fallen in love with baking like I have.

This particular recipe only makes about 25 cookies, which I felt was a great compromise for me. I’m able to scratch my baking itch, and also make sure I don’t have much leftover cookie dough lingering around.

I know, I know. I can always freeze the dough. But look y’all… I don’t like to have ANY sweets left in my house for more than a few days (if I can help it). All it takes is one little urge and off to the kitchen I go. (I can’t be the only one who does this)

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