Checking Out Houston, TX – A Review of Different Food Spots


Jambalaya Pasta from Orleans Seafood Kitchen

This past weekend, my best friend Nikki and I went on a trip to Houston, TX. Our motivation for visiting was mainly to check out the vibe of the city, as we both are considering relocating to this area. We were able to dine at a few eateries, and everything we had exceeded our expectations.

I was starving after being an hour behind schedule due to a delayed flight. Nikki was already there because we took separate flights, and had already secured the rental car. So in my hunger I immediately wanted to go to Frenchy’s Chicken.

2 Piece Mini - Frenchy's Chicken

I ended up ordering the 2 Piece Mini with fries and a biscuit. When I tell you this is some of the best chicken I’ve ever had, I’m not exaggerating. I grabbed my meal so quickly that I forgot to get condiments. However everything was so flavorful and seasoned just right that I didn’t even need them. The biscuit was slathered in honey butter and the texture was perfect.

After grabbing our food, we decided to begin our journey to our hotel. We ended up booking a room that was quite far from the airport, and because of my late arrival we became stuck in Houston’s infamous rush hour traffic. What would have normally been a 30 minute drive, became an hour of being stuck in a grid lock. I was already exhausted from traveling, so this wasn’t the best circumstances for my mood. We decided to just get checked in and take a quick nap so we could enjoy the rest of our evening.

Jambalaya Pasta from Orleans Seafood Kitchen

After taking a cat nap and freshening up, we decided to go and try Orleans Seafood Kitchen. They had great reviews and were located not too far from our hotel. When we first walked in we noticed that you have to order and pay for your food upfront. My cashier was very polite and helped me with choosing a drink. Nikki’s cashier on the other hand was a little spaced out and forgot to even give her a menu. I ended up ordering the Jambalaya Pasta with Garlic Bread, as well as a Blue Voodoo margarita.

Bayou Swirl and Blue Voodoo from Orleans Seafood Kitchen

Nikki got Salmon and Dirty Rice as well as the Bayou Swirl margarita. Our meals came out pretty quickly, and everything tasted great. Also my meal came up to only $18, so that was an added bonus.

Salmon and Dirty Rice from Orleans Seafood Kitchen

Next we decided to check out the Galleria area before we headed back to the hotel. And we stopped in Pinkberry to grab some frozen yogurt.

One thing I noticed in Houston was how polite everyone was. Being from the south, I am quite used to southern hospitality, however it seemed to be on another level in Houston and also more genuine.

Pinkberry frozen yogurt topped with boba and fruit

The next morning we ventured to Midtown and prepared to stand in line at The Breakfast Klub. This place was on the top of my list. When we first arrived the line was almost wrapping around the building. But to our pleasant surprise it moved quickly. When we got close to the top of the line, a lady came and passed out menus. After standing in line for 24 minutes we were finally inside. Just like Orleans Seafood Kitchen, you order your meal and pay first before sitting.

Waffle from The Breakfast Klub

Scrambled Cheese Eggs and Bacon from The Breakfast Klub

Cheese Grits from The Breakfast Klub

I wasn’t in the mood for fried chicken again, so I ended up ordering a waffle, cheese eggs, bacon and cheese grits. Nikki got their famous chicken and waffle meal. After placing our order we grabbed a seat and less than 5 minutes later our meal was brought out. All of the staff was very polite and made sure we were taken care of.

Chicken and Waffles from The Breakfast Klub

After leaving The Breakfast Klub we did some more sight seeing. Later that evening we stopped by this really cool restaurant called Mod Pizza. It is set up similar to Subway — you go in, order the size crust you want and you can get however many toppings you want. I ended up ordering the “Ava Jane” which had red sauce, mozzarella, bacon, pineapple, red onion, jalapeños, and parmesan. I also added Italian sausage. My pizza tasted great, and I paid about $7. Again, great customer service.

Ava Jane from Mod Pizza

Overall we had a great time, and we definitely see why Houston’s population is growing at the rate that it is. I was able to record some of our trip, but I wasn’t able to get everything. Check out our vlog that shows some of our sillier moments — like us stalking Beyoncé’s old neighborhoods LOL: